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Tom Brady’s Full-Body Workout Explained By His Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Tom Brady’s Full-Body Workout

The workout we’re gonna do today is based on Tom’s in-season workout,
just to kinda keep up with his foundational program. Things that we’ve done in the off-season to make sure we can maintain them during the course of the season. bbbbb

So we will run through nine exercises today that are gonna cover the full body. Before each of our exercises what we typically do with Tom is we will
just do an active warmup.

Banded Run Warm-up

It’ll just be a quick little banded run just so we can stimulate
the nervous system. We get these heavy bands and cross them over so it’s going to form an X over your chest. Then step out just enough to get a little bit of resistance. Quick feet, quick hands. We typically do this until he just feels warm, slightly exhausted, and then we’ll go ahead and right into our nine exercises.

Standing Rows

This exercise is standing rows, and what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna take our handled loop bands and we’re gonna attach them chest-high to our band spine here.

For those of you that don’t have a band spine that’s attached to a garage or whatever, you can use a door band spine. What you wanna do is make sure that it’s chest-high. We’re gonna get into our correct position here. Make sure that your spine is straight, knees are bent, tight core, tight glutes, and we’re gonna simply bring these back. Make sure that
our elbows are tight to our body as we do these rows. What this exercise is gonna do is engage back muscles, engage posterior delt muscles, and work at helping to strengthen this upper body. The importance
of this is to make sure you’re always maintaining good core stability so the force of the band doesn’t push you going forward.

Resisted Band Pushup

This exercise is our resisted band pushup and we do this so that we can isolate pec major and minor, the delts, and the core. Start with the band around the mid-back. Anchor it to your thumbs, just like this, and get down
into a plank type of position. We’re gonna go down, and extend right back up. The idea behind this movement is to be able to do it at the speed of sport. It needs to be a functional movement, which is a lot of the
things that we do here. Everything is based on functional stability and functional strength.

During the season for Tom it’s one set, max reps. We will take this exercise
to complete muscle fatigue and we’ll do it one time.

Core Rotations

Take another handled band, we attach it mid-trunk to the spine. Use one handle here, and face the spine sideways.  Come out enough just to
give it enough resistance. Make sure you get in your athletic form. Feet shoulder-width apart, knees are slightly bent, core is engaged, now bring
your arms straight out. To begin this exercise, start with rotation towards the band spine. Keeping your arms straight, rotate about 180 degrees to the opposite side. Make sure that as you do this you’re looking to only rotate your upper torso. Don’t rotate your mid-torso here. Just make sure you’re getting good shoulder rotation, engaging core, and stay nice and stable. Of course it’s important to remember that we wanna do opposite sides. So we would have you turn around and make sure that you do the opposite sides to keep things equal.

This exercise is important in Tom’s workout because as a quarterback
what he’s looking to do is generate enough ground force to turn into torque. And so this helps us translate ground force into torque to be able to get more velocity on his throws.


For this exercise Christian’s gonna demonstrate our deadlift. Put the band flat on the floor. Step on the band. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. Grab the ends of the band. Make sure that you’re sitting back, that you’re sitting into your hips, that your knees are slightly bent. Make sure that your knees never go over your toes and that your nose
doesn’t go over your toes. Up and down. As a reminder, make sure that you understand that we’re engaging glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps
through this exercise.

The reason why this is so important is because really, for an aging quarterback or any aging athlete, we wanna make sure that his legs stay really nice and strong.

Bicep Curl

So this next exercise that we’re gonna be demonstrating is the bicep curl. And for this exercise you need to put the band on the floor. You’re going to step in the band. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Knees are gonna be slightly bent. Grab the band with your hands at about waist-level, and then we’re gonna proceed into a bicep curl.

full body workout

And while you’re doing this exercise you wanna make sure that the body doesn’t sway back and forth.  Make sure you keep your core engaged and your glutes engaged so you maintain core stability here.

Tricep Extension

Start with again the band on the floor. Step in the band. Again, feet are shoulder-width apart. Knees slightly bent. Bring the band up, extend it over your head.  With your abs engaged, your glutes engaged, go ahead and bring your arms back and back up into an extension. Again, it’s very important to maintain feet shoulder-width apart. Your abs are always going to be engaged, glutes are engaged, knees are slightly bent, as you get into the tricep extension the force of the band doesn’t pull you forward or backward.

Deceleration Lunge.

For this exercise you want to get a continuous loop band, put it in a carabiner, and attach it right around hip high. Take this band, put it around your waist, and step back until you give the band just enough resistance
so that you’re starting to feel it pull you forward a little bit. Start with your right leg, and get into a lunge forward. As you get into that lunge, make sure that you control the deceleration of the lunge, you’ve got to activate your core to help control that movement. Make sure that your back knee barely touches, forms a 90 degree angle as you come back and you pop right back up. Again, make sure that we are straight, have a straight spine
and our back is flat, and we’re not bending forward.  As with all of our other exercises it’s one set, max reps.

Shoulder Press

Put the band on the ground. Bring your hands up to shoulder-width. Make sure the core is nice and engaged, glutes are engaged, knees are slightly bent. Raise the arms straight up overhead and right back down.  We want to do this at the speed of sport.  Stay functional and make sure it’s one set, max reps. Go to complete muscle fatigue.

X Band Squat

We can do it two ways. One, which is the way Tom does it, is we will put one band around your knees. Put one on one foot, cross over to the opposite shoulder. Take the other band, cross it to the opposite shoulder creating an X in the band.  Make sure that your knees never go over your toes and that your nose doesn’t go over your toes.

This exercise is meant to strengthen quads, hamstrings, and glutes. And as with all of our other exercises you’ll wanna make sure
that your core always stays nice and engaged.  You go down and right back up. You’ll notice that the band around the knees is put there so that we can create a little bit more glute stabilization and glute activation.

Pliability Work

These are important to do pre and post. One, it stimulates the nervous system and it activates good blood flow to the soft tissues and it gets them ready for the workout. And then doing it after the workout obviously then helps flush out some of the lactic acid that’s going to be accumulated
as a result of your workout. So we feel that through this, through the nervous system stimulation, we can make sure that we can create more sustainability through our pliability treatments. So there you have it. This is Tom Brady’s in-season workout.

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