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Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Workout Explained by His Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Workout

Hi, my name’s Arin Babaian, and I train a bunch of characters for movies. One of those characters is Magic Mike played by Channing Tatum. When I showed up he was a little overweight, and didn’t wanna work out. So, we had to change our plan. We turned our day into a fit lifestyle. Here’s a look into one of those days. We would start everyday with a 20 mile bike ride. After the ride, late morning, we’d do a pool workout about 10 to 20 laps with water burpees and sit ups in between each lap.

channing tatum

Channing gets paid to take his clothes  off, so Corey’s gonna demo on this one. Corey taught us how to wrestle on the movie Foxcatcher. What are you wearing? – I’m playing a stripper right. – I’m gonna go meet Channing in the gym. 

One of the workouts was a circuit, five exercises, four rounds, zero rest between exercises or rounds. We started with the treadmill. We would start with a quarter mile run, pick a speed you feel comfortable with. Squats are next, 10 reps on all the upcoming exercises. I like to see ya get to parallel. People think abs are the most important part of this movie, but not when you’re wearing a thong.  Next up, hang power cleans. This move is extremely necessary when you’re trying to pick up a willing participant in a chair and drop them on your lap.

Use an appropriate weight one preferably lighter than your partner. Next up, manmakers. I don’t know why they call ’em manmakers seen plenty of women do it better. So, it’s a combination of movements, starting with a pushup, one-armed plank rows, squat cleans, thruster, nine more.  Last exercise, good old-fashioned pull ups. Make sure your chin’s over the bar, and you drop all the way down, and 10 reps. Here we go, back to the treadmill. If you’re planning on tryin’ this routine, maybe check in with a trainer. Listen, it’s hard work. There’s no real secrets. It’s all about consistency and just putting in the time.

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