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M/38/5’8” [296.4lbs > 171.3lbs = 125.1lbs] (15 Months) I’m pleased with my progress so far. Perhaps time to bulk up? Thoughts?

M/38/5’8” [296.4lbs > 171.3lbs = 125.1lbs] (15 Months) I’m pleased with my progress so far. Perhaps time to bulk up? Thoughts?

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41 Thoughts to “M/38/5’8” [296.4lbs > 171.3lbs = 125.1lbs] (15 Months) I’m pleased with my progress so far. Perhaps time to bulk up? Thoughts?”

  1. Good job dude! How the hell did you do it?

  2. Whoa!! That is incredible. You look fantastic, like a new person.

  3. You look great dude. Did you have loose skin? Doesn’t look like you had any surgery! Tell me your secrets.

  4. Awesome work!! No stretch marks?

  5. HOLLLLYYYYY …. Good work!!!! Awesome progress!! Workout routine? Diet? This is truly incredible! Congrats !

  6. Woah, awesome work man! That’s amazing! I agree, time to bulk up! You could be a monster!

  7. Sound wave tattoo? (Also no loose skin is amazing)

  8. Yes, train with irons. Also tell us how you did it.

  9. Did you have surgery for loose skin?

  10. Your stats are equal to mine right now, big motivation man thank you.

  11. Let us all know what you did. Thanks!

  12. I don’t even know you, but I’m super proud of you man. You have put in some amazing work 🙂

  13. You look younger! Awesome work and commitment!

  14. Amazing work!! You should be so proud of yourself

  15. You’re turning into Simon Pegg

  16. Outstanding Work! PLEASE share your diet, workout and tips to keep you from getting loose skin.

  17. Great job dude, definitely time to bulk up. Good thing about being a former fat guy is you know how to eat! Bulking is easy once lifting weights becomes fun/routine.

    Looks like your skin bounced back tremendously as well (if you didn’t get surgery). Congrats.

  18. Good job man. Stay this way. No need to bulk up or anything. You look great!

  19. Oh my gosh you’re so cute! Great job.

  20. Yay yay yay!!! Congratulations! That’s freaking awesome!

  21. How did you get your skin to tighten up? A few years ago I dropped 200lbs, but I still have baggy skin in places.

  22. I’m sure you have noticed if you cut out specific food groups, but keep an eye out for food intolerances. Looks like you held a lot in your tummy which can be a large amount of intestinal swelling. Great progress and congrats!

  23. My boyfriend is about the same beginning weight, how did you lose the weight?

  24. what the fuck? how? lol

  25. Kudos! Great job.

    Downvote me for hijacking but you are a perfect example of the “loose skin” myth.

    Loose skin is just fat. There is no such thing as a person with 10% body fat and folds of loose skin. Ever notice how “loose skin” is always fatty rolls anyway and never thin sheets?

    It’s inspiring. If you are losing weight and have looseness then you aren’t lean enough. If you are already at goal that just means you have too little muscle and too much fat. Once at goal working on muscle while. It gaining weight will get rid of the looseness and improve your look a lot.

    Skin elasticity has almost no impact. Look at pregnant women who get back into shape, and the number of very young people with elastic skin who crash diet and the complain about it.

    Crash dieting, which means losing more than 2lbs a week by any method, is partly to blame. It means you are very likely losing as much muscle as fat. When you hit goal you are therefore flabbier, by percentage, than when you started in some cases. Go slow, do very light exercise (walking) while loosing and you won’t lose muscle. If you work out too hard while losing you will also burn muscle. Patience is key. Lose slow, stabilize, rebuild.

  26. Bulk up, see how much skin you can fill.

  27. Nick Frost to Simon Pegg! Well done, man.

  28. You look great man! Respect

  29. BIG FUCKING EFFORT MATE!!! You should be proud of yourself. Next step, shape up or thin down. What’s your plan?

  30. Just lift at maintenance calories or a slight surplus. you are the same age as me, and it easily goes to fat if you’re not careful. If you are new to lifting, newbie gains will take care of you. Great job.

  31. You look 20 years younger in the second pic.

  32. wow that’s an incredible transformation…. well done

  33. Your pictures are so motivating for me. Just started my weight loss journey a couple of days ago. The biggest motivator for me is that your old overweight body shape looks exactly like my body shape now. Same bulging stomach, same chest shape even same hair on them. Now I have a much better picture of what I can become if I stay with this. Thanks Dude.

  34. Where is all your excess skin? I have 30 lbs to lose and these 5 years of my skin stretched has left me with tons of stretch marks and also my skin won’t bounce back just in general I presume. Give me and explanation ?

  35. DAMN! Good job mate! You look late 20’s, definitely not late 30’s!! Saving the post for inspiration!

    I am at 270 pounds rn and my goal weight is 160. Did you have any problem with loose skin? From the pic it seems you don’t have any loose skin and that is awesome!

  36. You look phenomenal!! My husband is the same size as your before. He has lost around 20 and is getting stuck! Please share the method of your incredible transformation. I’m curious to know what worked for your body type. You really look great!!!

  37. Great work, mate! Very inspiring.

  38. Man, I know everyone is built different, but I’m 5’7″ and weight about 15 lbs less than you and STILL have fat around my lower belly. Great progress!

    I’d say don’t necessarily bulk up but work more on toning and definition next, then see if you want to bulk up

  39. Pleased? Dude, you should be ecstatic! Great job! Keep at it. I lost it all once and gained it all back two years later. I am now back on track. When your mind tells you you’re done, that you’ve made it. Double down!

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