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39 Thoughts to “M/25/5’11” [400>200= 200 lbs lost] 6 Months Post Op Loose skin removal from chest and 360 waist.”

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  2. That surgery was well worth it’s money. Congrats on completing your transformation and on your new body!

  3. Congrats on that amazing weight-loss and surgery results.

  4. Whow that’s cool. Is there anything further that can be done about the scars or do they pretty much just remain the way they look now?

  5. That looks amazing! Congratulations and wow!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss and the successful surgery! It looks amazing, hopefully you are all recovered and can get out there and enjoy that new body!

  7. The money was well spent. Congrats to your new body!

  8. You look awesome, man. Congrats!


  9. Great job!! Incredible change! Was there a method to the madness ?

  10. It’s cool to see what this surgery looks like on a man for a change. I’m a mom of three, working to lose some extra weight, but have terribly saggy skin, so a tummy tuck has always been something I’ve wanted when I reach my goal weight.

    You look amazing!

  11. I hope this doesn’t sound too weird- I don’t mean it in a creepy way at all, but they did a good job with the nipple placement! I’ve seen some after photos where the nipples are way too close together and it looks very odd indeed. Good job on the weight loss!

  12. You look fantastic. Look at that V!!!

  13. Hey congrats! I had my moobs done in 2017 and it was LIBERATING. I think my scars are rad. I love them. So proud of you for posting this.

  14. Is it possible to ever get abs after surgery? Also you look amazing! Gratz man

  15. Did your insurance cover your surgery? My belly looks about like your before pic, and unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover because it doesn’t hang all the way to my pubic bone (which seems an arbitrary thing, but alas). Really incredible results, man.

  16. Congrats! You look wonderful!!!!

  17. Ho. Lee. Shit.


    Bruv: You look like you were never a big guy! Am I a choad for asking how much something like this costs?


    Way to fuckin’ go, btw!

  18. Fucking stud horse! Great job

  19. Impressive. You look great. Keep up the good work.

  20. How long did it take you to lose the 200lbs ? You look great !

  21. Wow you look incredible! Congratz! I just have 1 question though. Was it painful?

  22. You look fucking great! Keep going friend

  23. Looks great, thanks for sharing too! Build that muscle!

  24. I am so happy for you, it must feel so good! You look great, congrats!

  25. I think your surgery took really well. I’m happy for you.

  26. You look amazing. I have a curious question that I hope isn’t rude. Does the same thing happen to faces/necks? Like do people ever get facelifts after extreme weight loss?

  27. You look great, the surgeons did a nice job too…a moisturizer with glycolic acid will help fade the redness/scars.

  28. Great job and thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

  29. This is somehow comforting to me as a trans guy and on a weight loss journey. The chest scars are similar to when we get top surgery. Pretty neat. I also have a questions about the nipples. Do they have to take them off and attach them again?

  30. You look fantastic both ways! So happy for you!

  31. How much weight in skin did they take off? You looks outstanding btw!

  32. I’ve lost 245 pounds and definitely need this surgery, and also for my lower body as well. I like to think someday I’ll be brave enough to get it done. Good job! You look great!

  33. You look awesome! 😀 I feel like there’s hope for me yet! Thank you for sharing <3

  34. How long was recovery from the surgery? Did insurance cover any of it? In the same boat. Lost 200+ and lose skin is a bitch.

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