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F/30/5’7” [245 lbs > 149 lbs = 96 lbs] Lost the baby weight plus 75 lbs by my daughter’s first birthday! Happy she’ll never remember me at an unhealthy weight.


F/30/5’7” [245 lbs > 149 lbs = 96 lbs] Lost the baby weight plus 75 lbs by my daughter’s first birthday! Happy she’ll never remember me at an unhealthy weight.

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72 Thoughts to “F/30/5’7” [245 lbs > 149 lbs = 96 lbs] Lost the baby weight plus 75 lbs by my daughter’s first birthday! Happy she’ll never remember me at an unhealthy weight.”

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  2. You look amazing!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great job! I love the emoji covering your baby’s face 😀

  4. I love that your baby will never have the example of someone in her family being unhealthy in that way, congrats

  5. This is awesome and inspiring! Good for you to get healthy for your baby!

  6. You are such an inspiration!

  7. Also, Can I ask your method please? 🙂

  8. Woah! YEAH you did… Impressive.

  9. Great job! You look like a different person!

  10. You look amazing! Congrats on the progress (and I love your hair omg)!!!

  11. That’s an incredible feat as a new mom!! Congrats, you look amazing!

  12. You look so young! #teenmom Congrats!

  13. What?! How did you do this with a newborn?! Girl. You look amazing. I wish I could have done this during my son’s first year, but he was the maximum amount of needy. He’s 1 now and more independent, so I’m looking to start working out asap. So motivating to see this! Congratulations <3

  14. Ahhhhh! You look incredible! That is an amazing transformation, especially while having an infant to care for. Great job Mom!

  15. Congratulations!! And I love your top in the second photo!

  16. Congratulations! Can I ask, did you breastfeed, and if yes did losing weight affect your supply? Asking as a new, breastfeeding mom.

  17. Ok. I never comment on these, but damn. You look amazing. It took me 4 years to lose my baby weight. Congrats. Amazing job!

  18. It’s crazy how much weight loss makes you look like a completely different person. Great job! You inspire me and now I’m going to hit the gym today!

  19. That’s so awesome! Congrats!

  20. this is incredible, congrats!! she’s gonna have a great example of how to be healthy which is so so important

  21. Where did you get your shirt? I love it!

  22. Did Michael get you out of the medium place?

  23. Awesome job! You look amazing. My twins are 6 months old and I’m down 62lbs. I’ve kind of stalled out the past month or two, but this post has encouraged me to get started again. We have the same starting stats, so I’m excited to see what the next 6 months brings!

  24. It always amazes me what weight loss does to the face!! You look wonderful, mama. Congrats!

  25. Amazing job, you legit look like a totally different person

  26. You look so happy! I’m so impressed that you managed to do this with your little one.

  27. Love seeing progress of other moms, especially in the 30+ age bracket! Amazing work!!

  28. Great work! The new hair looks amazing too!

  29. You look great, like a totally difrent person.

  30. Omg that’s incredible. Your face looks so healthy and vibrant. I hold weight in my face, it’s one of the first places I see a difference in myself. Your transformation is really inspiring.

  31. Wow. You look great. Congratulations on the epic transformation.

  32. Haircut really suits you, great job!

  33. Wow that’s an incredibly good reason to motivate your transformation. Loving the hair. You look like you could be a host on one of those daytime tv shows.

  34. How difficult was that? 96 lbs is no joke.

  35. Wow, you look amazing!! My son is 14 months and I’m still struggling to lose weight. It’s my goal to at least be active with my child and show him the beauty of being outside.

  36. That is amazing! That must have taken some impressive strength and willpower – fantastic job!

    A bit off topic, but something about you reminds me of Analeigh Tipton. I think it’s your smile. 🙂

  37. Great job – especially at a time of life where I feel like it’s really easy to gain weight

  38. You’re an inspiration to all mom’s. I know people who haven’t got back down to prepregnancy weight still 5 years after giving birth

  39. So proud of you! I’m glad you’ll be able to pass healthy habits on to your daughter, it’s honestly the best gift you can give her. I grew up in a rural area, and my family all had very unhealthy habits and creating healthy habits on my own has been a struggle.

  40. Congratulations, you are now Emma Stone!

  41. Lookin like Emma Stone over here!

  42. This is amazing!!!!!! How did you do it?

  43. Great job OP, also your new hair looks fab!

    Edit: removed one instance of hair

  44. Congratulations on all of the hard work you put into your transformation! You’ve done a great job! Congratulations on your new little one, too!

  45. Congratulations! You’re an inspiration! ❤️

  46. You should post this in r/beyondthebump!! You’re a MAJOR inspiration and you look incredible. Good job!!

  47. What a sweet looking Emoji! :p Seriously though, you look great!! Keep it up 🙂

  48. Congrats! I know you looked passed the excuses most mothers make and tried really hard to get where you are. It’s inspiring that if you have the right mind set, you can do it, no matter your situation!

  49. OP’s husband, here.

    First off, can confirm: mama’s hot. Like daaaaaaaaaaamn.

    Second, she’s inevitably gonna undersell how much work this was, so I wanted to step in and say how immensely fuckin’ proud I am of what she’s done. We were incomprehensibly lucky in having a great sleeper for a daughter…but she was an absolute handful during the day. It genuinely blows my mind that my wife did all this while being such an excellent mom. Happy as I am to play my part in the “shlubby dad with disproportionately hot wife” sitcom stereotype, she’s inspired me to try and be healthier as well.

    Also, she killed it this year in particular but getting healthy has been a very, very long road for her – so don’t get discouraged! It’s gotta happen at its own pace.


  50. I’m a momma to an 8 month old with the exact same start weight/pregnancy max weights as you. You sharing this is really encouraging. I struggled with my weight my whole adult life and want to be better for my family and son. Seriously, you’re inspiring!

  51. Don’t even look like the same person. Look much happier too.

  52. You look beautiful and happy. So happy that your daughter will grow up with healthy eating habits because of her awesome mother!

  53. She’ll see those old pictures and have a hard time recognizing you. And she’ll be SO PROUD!!

  54. This does not look like the same person. Great work!

  55. Looks like you lost a good few years too. Congratulations.

  56. Amazing!!! Our kids are such strong motivators and don’t even have a clue!

  57. My daughter is 5 and I am loosing weight now. I don’t think it is bad for her to remember me being overweight and getting slimmer. Good job on your behalf though.

  58. Congrats, you look amazing! I’m currently working on losing the baby weight too….although it’d be more accurate to classify it as “the ungodly amount of pizza/ice cream I ate during pregnancy” weight lol. Breastfeeding and the loss of my mom when my son was 3 months old delayed my giving it my absolute all but the last two months I’ve lost 15 pounds! Woo hoo! Only 50 more to go 🙂 your post inspires me to keep working hard to be healthy for myself and my son. Congrats again!

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