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30 Thoughts to “F/23/5’1” [180 > 130 = 50 lbs]. Who knew weightlifting could make your tattoos look way better?”

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  2. Beautiful. Your hard work is definitely paying off.

  3. hey amazing results! What workout program/routine are you following

  4. Wouldn’t even believe you were the same person.

  5. Well done!! Omg it’s so exciting to see someone who’s got the exact same stats as me! I started at 200 and I’m at 180 now, with the same goal of 130. What weightlifting program are you following? I’ve been heavy lifting for 2 months now!

  6. You look great! What’s your goal weight? How long did it take you to lose your weight?

  7. How much more do you want to lose?

  8. Great job. Keep up the hard work.

  9. great work you look amazing!!!

  10. Damn that’s really the same person, good job.

  11. What kind of weightlifting have you been doing? You look amazing!

  12. The mirror on the right side is much cleaner! Good job OP. Also congrats on the progress

  13. I wasn’t feeling like going to the gym today, but now i am. Thanks for the motivation

  14. Curious what kind of diet do you have?

  15. Nice job! You look great!

  16. You look amazeballs. Love the hair game too!

  17. Why do soo many females get flagged for nsfw on this subreddit when there is nothing remotely sexual shown?

  18. That’s a staggering improvement in looks. Even your hair improved

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