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10 Thoughts to “F/21/5’6 [180>135=45 lbs.] Been a long year, but I’m starting to feel much happier with myself.”

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  2. You look amazing!!! Also, fellow Pink Floyd fan THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH BETTER

    What did you do for such amazing results? Did it take the full year?

  3. Awesomesauce!! You look great

  4. You look great! Would you be willing to share how many pant sizes you dropped? My goal is right around where you are now and I’d like to know if I’ll be needing to buy new jeans when I get there (about 10lb away lol)

  5. Amazing job! Umm I have a weird request. I love love love your shade of blonde. Do you have a picture that I can bring to the salon? Or can you tell me what it is you requested to get that shade? (or celebrity picture you used?)

  6. I can’t believe that’s only 45lbs. Congrats

  7. Wow damn I’m jealous you look so amazing!i am going to use this as motivation congrats!!

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