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#1 Diet Tip for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

#1 Diet Tip for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

Today, we’re going to talk about the #1 Diet Tip for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar). What is that? That’s a low blood sugar situation. The symptoms are irritableness. Sometimes you get bloodshot eyes or irritable or sand in the eyes that feels like it’s an irritated or sensitive eye situation, but you’re going to be craving carbs. You’re not going to think correctly. You’re going to be looking for sugar.

What’s happening is you have a rebound effect from insulin being too powerful. The insulin is too much, and it’s creating a decrease in the blood sugars. Normally it’s between 80 and a hundred, and then anytime you go lower than that, you create a situation where you’re hypoglycemic.

Now, the way it works is the pancreas makes insulin, and it makes another hormone called glucagon.  So this is another new word I wanted to help
you understand. Glucagon is kind of like, it work with insulin. It sort of works … It works together, not necessarily opposed, to bring the sugars at a certain level. So glucagon, what that does, it releases stored sugar in the liver to raise the sugar higher. So that way we can always have a balance of, if something’s too high, bring it down. If it’s too low, it brings it up. So we have both of these hormones working together to keep your blood sugars level. All right?

The real problem that creates this is too much insulin. It means you eat too much sugar. What triggers insulin is sugar and refined carbohydrates. The body will go in there and take the sugar out and store it as fat or cholesterol. What happens is that you have glucagon, which is also going to work in this trigger by protein. So that’s why, if you take a hypoglycemic
and you give them protein, they feel so much better. Why? Because you are triggering the release of sugar, and it’s going to raise the sugar, and now all of a sudden, the cravings will go away. So that’s one way to get rid of cravings for sweets.

How do you correct hypoglycemia? Number one, you have to keep insulin low, because it’s too high, and you have to avoid the sugar. That’s number one. You have to.  You’re never going to heal it, because usually
when you have hypoglycemics what they’re doing is they’re giving into the sugars or they’re eating potatoes or they’re having five meals a day, which is the biggest mistake, because every time you eat, you trigger insulin. You feel better, but you never crack the problem. The insulin goes up, and then it goes down, and you can start getting diabetes, and it’s just a nightmare. The way to do it is to make sure that you’re consuming protein with each meal, so we keep this sugar at the certain level. Then we avoid the sugar.

tips for low blood sugar

Protein avoided sugar, but you also need some fat to be able to go longer, so you’re not having five, six meals a day. With hypoglycemics, they can’t last till the next meal before craving, because the whole thing is damaged, so you have to add more fat to go longer so as to heal insulin, because we want to not eat so frequent. It’s cut the sugar out, make sure you have
protein with each meal, don’t eat too often, add more fat to go longer, and what’s going to happen is you will heal this whole system. I used to have this problem. It’s completely handled. I can go all day without eating, not a problem. That’s what hypoglycemia is. That’s how you correct it.

It’s not that hard. One last thing, it’s fascinating. You take a diabetic, and they give them insulin, or they’ll give them Formin, and they give them these sugar pills. They’re glucose pills. They’re synthetic sugar. So they tell them, “If your sugar goes down to low, to take the sugar pill to raise it up.” Why don’t you just take less medication, because the medications are lowering the sugar? Why would you take more sugar to raise it
up so you can take medication? That’s the worst mistake. If you have hypoglycemia, you don’t want to consume fruit, sugar, honey, juice, unless it goes really, really, really low, and it’s dangerous. But if it’s coming down a little bit, it’s much better off if you add a little protein, okay.

At least so that way you don’t stimulate this. Then start adding more healthy foods so you can get out of this situation. All right? Those are some tips. I am sure they will help.

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