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Instagram photo by Jimmy Smith • Jul 18, 2016 at 11:33am UTC


Women and #cardio Women burn more fat during exercise and use more glucose at rest than men who burn more glucose during activity but burn more fat at rest. This is another reasons why women burn less glycogen during training and can recover faster than men. Most male coaches just give their female clients less overall food and dont acknowledge the fat that women burn more fat during exercise but need carbohydrate as rest to recover. An additional study points to how women burn fat during exercise programs. Aerobically while women are superior than men women tend to to lose LESS fat when restricting calories and doing aerobic work than men. Women in my experience respond harder and worse to traditional fat loss programs and studies point to hormonal imbalances as the cause. #fitfluential #organic #paleofx #paleo #podcasts #itunes #physiqueformula #crossfit #crossfitgames #bodybuilding #womenthatlift #squats #workout #brookeence Pic Brooke Ence

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